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It’s possible to thrive in ministry without sacrificing yourself and your family.

Hi, I’m Keith Seymour, a battle-hardened yet tender-hearted youth ministry veteran that is with you for the journey ahead. My passion is using my in-the-trenches local church and parachurch experience to walk with you through the ups and downs of ministry.

In nearly 20 years of serving in youth ministry, I’ve experienced tremendous hardships that included being laid off from my first church, losing close pastor friends to moral failure, student suicides, church splits, deep depression, extreme physical symptoms of burnout, theological doubts, and I even had a guy spit an Egg McMuffin at me in anger (ask me about that story sometime).

By God’s grace, He sustained me through the lows and allowed me to see the incredible highs and benefits of long-haul effective youth ministry in one local church context for almost 14 years. Leading two full generations of youth ministry in one context allows you to see students develop lasting faith into adulthood, raise godly children of their own, impact multiple siblings from the same family, and see first-hand the gospel made known to the next generation.

I created for you. My aim is to leverage the systems, principles, and mindsets that God used to sustain me to serve youth leaders as we grow together. Will you join me by taking the next steps in long-haul effective ministry?

Whether it’s an audience of 10 to 2500, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at camps, events, and training in multiple settings and demographics. Want me to speak at your event? Fill out the speaker request form below and we’ll talk! 

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