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We grow healthy, long-haul youth leaders.

46% of youth ministry leaders succumb to the "Burnout Beast" and quit within 2 years. Not on our watch. We're on a mission to help 10,000 youth leaders thrive in ministry effectiveness. Will you be the next one? 

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1. Take the Burnout Quiz.

We've worked alongside of professional counselors to develop this simple yet effective quiz to assess where you are now and how to get to a place of spiritual health. 

2. Receive Your Custom Results.

Once the Burnout Quiz is completed, your customized and confidential report will be emailed to you for your review along with some helpful suggested action steps.

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Next, you'll have an opportunity to schedule a free 30 minute call with a veteran youth worker to pray and care for you. 

You're definitely not alone.

Many youth leaders are discouraged, feel like they are just spinning their wheels, and frankly, are on the verge of quitting. Youth Min Wins provides practical training and personalized coaching from outside the current ministry context for a helpful and neutral perspective. Youth Leaders we serve develop lasting, vibrant youth ministries that have clear goals, focused outcomes, and more meaningful impact.

Lasting impact is possible but a shift in focus needs to happen.

At Youth Min Wins, we know you want to be an effective Youth Leader who has a lasting impact on the next generation. In order to do that, you need to be developed as a healthy leader and have an intentional focus on the highest-impact ministry efforts. The problem is you’re often too busy and distracted by so many other things which makes you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and leaves you getting chewed up by the “Burnout Beast.” We believe God anoints people not programs and that emotional, relational, and spiritual health are essential to long-term impact. We understand what it's like to be discouraged and frustrated with the intense pressures of ministry. This is why we have trained and equipped hundreds of youth leaders just like you utilizing our decades of veteran youth ministry experience.

God anoints people, not programs. 

Your teenagers need more than the latest trendy game or fun event. They need you to be a healthy God-honoring leader they can charge the next spiritual hill with. Youth Min Wins grows long-haul youth ministry leaders by creating essential online resources, personalized coaching programs, and ongoing community support so you lead effectively for years to come.

Take a step toward spiritual health today. 

You can only take those you lead as far as you have gone yourself. Will you take the next step to caring for your self spiritually so you can stop spinning your wheels and instead get lasting and meaningful traction in your ministry?

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